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Competition rules of International social organization “International Federation of Argentine tango” are based on the open international version keeping historical traditions of argentine tango development. The present regulations shall be used for International, Inter-regional, All-Russian competitions among amateurs of dance and professional dancers.



a) Popularization of argentine tango as a competition

 b) Popularization and development of argentine tango among children;

c) Upgrading of participants masterly performance; 
d) Exchange of experience among argentine tango professionals; 
e) Selection of the best dancing couples; 
f) Aesthetic education; 



Period and venue for competitions shall be defined and fixed by the organizers.


General direction of preparation for the competitions and carrying out of it shall be entrusted to IIFAT. Direct carrying out of the competitions shall be entrusted to the Representation of the Federation having an authorization and approval. The competitions shall be serviced by a counting board.



The jurymen shall be appointed by administration. 
In all styles the jury for a qualifying round, semi-final and final shall be composed of five or more members, depending on how the competition is.  

In case of a tie, or if the jury finds it necessary, participants shall perform a few dances, to let the jury get a final decision. All participants may not refuse to perform.

All the decisions of the jury shall not be subject to appeal. By enrolling, participants accept this condition.

The jury shall choose one winning couple in each category.




The couple shall not separate while the music playing. It means that they shall not break the embrace which is considered the basic dance position in tango

This style dance performance shall be elegant and rhythmical. The emphasis shall be on  efficient holding pauses and keeping dancers feet close to the floor.

For the position to be considered correct, the couples shall embrace closely at every turn. Although, in certain figures, this may be flexible, but not throughout the duration of the dance.

All movements shall be made within the space allowed by the couple’s embrace.

The jury shall consider the couple’s musicality and walking style as the basic criterions to the score. 

Within these parameters, the couples may perform any commonly used figures, including barridas, sacadas al piso, enrosques, etc. 

Ganchos, saltos, trepadas and other figures typical of SHOW shall be completely forbidden. 

It is not allowed for competitors to lift their legs above the knees.

 Couples shall constantly move counterclockwise and may not stay in the same part of the choreographic space longer than 2 musical phrase, as this would obstruct the circulation of the dance floor.



Couples shall perform tango waltz in a rather relaxed, smooth flowing dancing style. Steps shall be made up, lines of motions shall be sharp-edged, giros, turns or molinetes shall be performed roped-up. Performers shall remember that tango waltz’s distinctive feature is its refinement and finesse which were inherited from Viennese walt

Giros and zigzag steps shall be obligatory. Giros shall not be limited by movements around a man, around the couple center, but can be performed around a woman. Lapices, planeos and enrosques shall be obliged.

Waltz should be performed at the expense of 3 steps, characteristic for tango



Couples shall follow the milonga rhythm, expressing themselves by steps performing at different speed, moving in 2/4 time in close or looser embrace

Couples shall follow rhythm changes.

Milonga is performed by short steps generally. To get best fit with milonga rhythm the couples shall perform baldosas, corridas, doble tiempos, traspies and medio giros.

Couples shall follow the rhythm as well as their movements shall be coordinated and harmonious. They shall follow the dance basic line, shall feel as other couples move.

Most of the time a couple shall move sideways to the dance line.



Participants shall be able to express their own view of the tango dance. It means that they shall be allowed to perform movements, figures and applicants that are not directly related to the traditional tango dance.

Couples shall be able to break the embrace and use additional figures from other dance styles, as long as they are justified and enrich the performance of the dance.

The jury shall take into account choreography (creating and performance), whether there is the essence of tango, using of the space, quality of choreography and movements, couple coordination, effects, skills of performers, musicality (freedom, music-dancer-style), suits, appearances



Partner: trousers, a shirt, a tie; it is allowed to wear a waistcoat or a jacket; shoes

Partner: an elegant dress, shoes.

Clothes in dancing style.

IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO wear casual and jean clothes, sportswear.  .


All competitions shall consist of three stages:
а) Qualifying round:  all couples shall take part in this round;
b) Semifinal: for couples that have been selected in the qualifying round;
c) Final: for couples that have been selected in the semifinal.

In the TANGO SALON category, couples shall compete in group performances, in which may take part to 8 couples (a qualifying round). In each group performance (a semifinal and a final by analogy) couples shall perform 3 (three) dances under three music versions of TANGO SALON (melodious, rhythmic and mixed music). It shall be live sound or sound record chosen by administration.

In the TANGO WALTZ category, couples shall compete in group performances, in which may take part to 8 couples (a qualifying round). In each group performance (a semifinal and a final by analogy) couples shall perform 3 (three) dances under three music versions of TANGO WALTZ. It shall be live sound or sound record chosen by administration.

In the MILONGA category, couples shall compete in group performances, in which may take part to 8 couples (a qualifying round). In each group performance (a semifinal and a final by analogy) couples shall perform 3 (three) dances under three music versions of MILONGA. It also shall be live sound or sound record chosen by administration.


CHILDREN in the all categories shall perform 2 (two) dances, the rules shall be the same.

In the TANGO ESCENARIO category, couples shall perform one dance under the music chosen by them. The music shall be recorded on CD (two copies of high quality), or shall be recorded on a flash card. The music playing time shall not be longer than 4 (four) minutes. ATTENTION!!! According to the competition regulations it shall be THE ONLY ONE MUSIC (please, have copies!!!) on the CD or on the flash card and the CD or the flash card shall have singer’s name and the music playing time. A performer shall give his CD or flash card with recorded music with the performer’s number and name on it to a sound technician in time.

Since the jury will evaluate the variety of choreographies performed, it is recommended that participants perform different choreographies for each stage.  


Argentine tango competition’s program shall consist of four categories:





CHILDREN – any style:

Juniors 1 - 10-12 years
Juniors 2 - 13-15 years
Youth - 16-18 years


1. BEGINNERS – 1st year of study – TANGO SALON and TANGO WALTZ
2. INTERMEDIATE – from 1st year of study till 3rd year of study – any style;
3. ADVANCED – couples with experience more than 3 years and teachers  – any style.
Style of TANGO ESCENARIO – everybody can take part in it!



Amateurs as well as professionals, beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers shall be allowed to take part in the competition. Participants are allowed to perform dances in any one, two, three categories or even in the all four categories.

All contestants of Argentine tango competition shall fill in an application, that was made and published by the administration, appropriately and at a stated time. It shall be the only possibility to take part in the competition

Term of application shall be not later than the date that have been specified by the organizers.

No one will be allowed to register two or more times in the same category. But it will be possible in different ones, with the same or a different partner.




All the information provided at the time of check in by a participant shall be considered as a formal statement. Any contradiction in the information shall be penalized with disqualification from the competition.

The administration shall not be responsible for contestant’s coming late in any round caused by any reasons.

All competition contestants shall commit themselves to participate in various ceremonies and events planned by the management – such as press conferences, interviews for radio stations or television channels, etc – if they are invited to such events. 

The administration shall be the only authority to establish an order and a procedure in which contestants perform, as well as a number of rounds in which every couple perform.

In order to check in, all contestants shall attend on the date and time specified by the administration. At this opportunity the couples shall receive the order number and be informed of approximate dates and times on which they shall perform in every round.

Those who do not check in shall not be able to participate in the competition. A delay shall only be considered in duly proven cases of force majeure.

The administration shall be entitled to eliminate from the competition those participants that:


a)     Do not comply with the rules;

b)    May tarnishes the image of the competition or may cause displeasure in the public and may affect the progress of events negatively;

c)     Commit any moral offence or improper act on the grounds of ethnic group, race, gender bias,  class affiliation, religious beliefs or political views;

d)    Also the administration shall be entitled not to allow to take part in the competition those participants that had committed any moral offence or improper act at the competitions held before.



Each category shall have one winning couple.

Those who get the second and the third spot in each category shall be awarded with prizes and valuable gifts.

 At announcement of the final results the finalists shall be announced in full, including all dates, namely – a winner, a club, a trainer (a coach).



Filming and photographing on the events held by IFAT shall be forbidden without a written permission issued by the administration. According to the current legislation, photographing of a person shall be made in case of obtaining a written permission from the person to do it. IFAT shall reserve the right to record the competition by means of photo and film recording. To obtain accreditation or to get permission to record, a person shall apply to IFAT administration.



A juridical person or an individual shall apply for a recording permission via e-mail of IFAT or visit IFAT office.

During the events a photographer shall be attentive and provident not to disturb organizers, judges and audience.


*The administration reserves the right to record all performance at all stages of the competitions, by any means known or to be unknown including filming, photographing, digitalization. The recorded material shall be exclusive property of the organizing committee of the competition. By entering the competition, participants authorize the organizing committee to use the recorded material, without any compensation in favor of any person or organization that claims entitlement to any right that may be invoked. This right given by the participants to the administration cannot be disputed or canceled. The administration can use the recorded material, without limitations, for advertisement. The right to record film or make photo shall belong to the organization of the competition. The recorded material shall be the exclusive property of the organization of the competition.





"25 october 2014 - Start: 12.00"


Adress: Bestekar St No: 28 Kavaklıdere - Çankaya/Ankara  (Elit Palas Hotel)


Competition Program

12.00: Athletes may enter the hall, for exercise

12.30: Referees Meeting

13.00: Opening speeches and celebrations

14.00: the ceremony, presentation & starts championship

18.00: competition results, trophy medal ceremony, celebrations

21.30: Mılonga Party 

23.00: The champions of the competition will dance show

surprise, dance show will be



26 OCTOBER 2014 - 14.00








1 Couple =  100 USD

Each Category will be in the cup and medals.

Tango salon:Cup-medal 

Tango Vals: Cup-medal 

Milonga : Cup-medal



1 Couple =  100 USD

Each Category will be in the cup and medals.

Tango salon:Cup-medal 

Tango Vals: Cup-medal 

Milonga : Cup-medal



1 Couple =  100 USD

Each Category will be in the cup and medals.

Tango salon:Cup-medal 

Tango Vals: Cup-medal 


TANGO ESCANARIO  / (Anyone can join)

1 Couple =  60 USD

Cup - Medal



1 Couple =  100 USD

Tango salon:Cup-medal 

Tango Vals: Cup-medal


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